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posted by Ayush Newatia on August 19th, 2020
Blogging should be easy. You shouldn't have to know HTML or Markdown. You shouldn't have to know anything about web hosting or setting up domain names. And your blog certainly shouldn't have ads or annoying popups that appear from nowhere like a punch in the face. 

If you can use a web browser, you should be able to write a blog. Chapter24 makes it just that easy.

Product philosophy

Chapter24 has no outside funding or arbitrary growth targets. It's designed to be a self-sustaining product and as such, the experience of our customers and their readers is the top priority. We don't and will never ever serve ads on your blog. We don't track anything about your blog's readers and don't use any cookies; which means no annoying popups or cookie consent banners that take up half the screen. Your blog's content is always front and centre. No distractions.

Chapter24 has been optimised for people who write for the joy of writing. The writing and reading experience is at the crux of every design decision. Features to track and display asinine metrics such as page views have been deliberately excluded. There's nothing more daunting for a new writer than to have a big fat zero staring back at them when they check their page views. High view numbers are usually just a source of cheap dopamine. Some things are best left unknown. If these values resonate with you, I'm sure you'll find Chapter24 a pleasure to use!

You'll never have to worry about platform lock-in. You can use your own domain name with a Chapter24 blog at no additional cost and you can request your entire blog in HTML format at any time. This should make it relatively easy to migrate off Chapter24 if you ever wish to do so.

Lastly, I'm proud to say that Chapter24 is 100% Facebook Free. Every internet user deserves their privacy and Facebook has no right to hoover up every bit of user data that they can. Our customers' privacy is at the core of the product. As such Chapter24 doesn't directly integrate with any social network and never will. If you'd like to share your blog or any post on social media, just copy and paste the URL link into the app of your choice. The beauty of the open web is that pages can be linked to just that easily!

And if you're wondering what a Chapter24 blog looks like, you're reading one right now! 

Overview of features

To create your blog; pick a name, write a brief description and away you go. You won't have to sift through thousands of templates to define your blog's look either; just pick between 6 accessible colour schemes. By default your blog will be hosted at a subdomain of your choosing under (e.g. You can set up a custom domain of your own at no additional cost if you wish!

Get your blog up and running with one simple form

Once your blog is up and running, managing and posting to it is a breeze using our intuitive user interface.

View and manage your posts with ease

Write your posts in our intuitive text editor. Formatting can be added visually using the toolbar. Including images is as easy as dragging them into the editor. You can also paste a YouTube link and it'll automatically embed the video into your post. It's just as if you were using Microsoft Word or Google Docs! No need to learn HTML or Markdown.
Using our text editor, what you see is what you get. No need to learn HTML, Markdown or any other markup language.

Every blog has a mailing list built into it, so your readers can subscribe to your blog and be notified every time you post an article.

The subscription field appears at the bottom of every page on your blog

Feedback is essential to anyone who writes. I believe the best way to get meaningful feedback on your writing is through a considered discussion rather than inane methods such as Like buttons. Comment threads to facilitate such discussions aren't yet available; but they'll be added to every blog soon. It just didn't make the cut in time for the initial release!

EDIT: Comments are now available on all Chapter24 blogs!

If you think Chapter24 is a good fit for you, try it out free for 30 days! If you have any questions you'd like answered, I'm happy to help. Just email me at

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